Melanie Cat

I have been building with my hands since I was very young. I fell in love with the ceramic process in 2005 at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. I have maintained a home studio in Glen Rock, NJ and shared my work publicly since then. My work consists of decorative raku vessels, architectural self-portraits, and commission work.


Watercolors expanding into blends of color onto paper, a charcoal caricature being drawn in the park on a bright sunny day, unfinished hand drawn studies of fabrics from European Masters are all representative of processes of art that entrance me.  I can watch these methods for hours.  I’ve often caught myself just writing with a particular pen because I enjoy examining how the ink dispenses onto the paper.  


remember “painting” when I was younger at our town pool.  I would bring a paintbrush and literally paint the cement sidewalks with water and watch the process of the cement changing color.  Seeing the simple change before me was hypnotizing. To this day, I enjoy the visual progression of a design.  

To me working with clay is an ultimate example of this.  Feeling and watching the clay rise between my fingers on a pull of any form to lifting the metal lid off a container full of raku fired pieces are parts of the process that keep me in awe just as they did when I was younger.


My sculptural forms are the result of inner reflection on childhood, and the constant process of peeling back the onion layers to learn who I truly am inside and out. For me building has always come more naturally than speaking.



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