Mark Partin

I began to work with ceramics at 12 years old. My wonderful mentor, Mae Del Gilbert, took me under her wing. She let me pour the molds and help load and unload the kilns plus work on my own projects.


The next year at 13 my mom co-signed with me for a loan to buy my first kiln. I started teaching classes in the building out back and began my path in ceramics.


After raising a family and building Geophysical Seismic Survey ships, King Crab vessels (like Deadliest Catch), Surimi (pollock paste for artificial crab meat, etc.) Factory ships and many more vessels I finally re-found my clay fascination.


This time with sculpture and throwing. I now teach in my studio weekly classes for pottery. I enjoy all phases of pottery. I love my students.


Please watch the site for new pieces. My journey with The Clay Effect group has been the best position ever for me. I love their kind support and always loving spirit.


This group with my many instructors along the way are my safety net and keep me motivated and producing pots and sculptures.






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