Maggie Schmidt

When I see or feel something that really moves me, I find that I want to conserve it for myself - then share the experience.  Clay and watercolor painting provide me an avenue of doing this. These inspirational moments usually originate from the natural world, but, they also come from other sources such as the American West and Southwest. Indigenous designs and symbols fascinate me.   


Also, the early morning dream state, yoga, meditation and music are sources of inspiration. These things provide me a place to begin the creative process and provide me the quiet mind space to focus on my work as it evolves.


I use a variety of techniques.   Hand building with slabs, throwing a form and sometimes altering it, painting with underglazes, and using the “surprise” results of a wood fired kiln are some of these ways for the means of my creative process. I remain open to other ways of accomplishing the end result, this keeps the process fresh and hopefully innovative.  Most of my work is one of a kind and each piece is manifested from it’s own story.


The flow of having an inspiration to letting it unfold in the form of my artwork gives me unbound happiness and contentment.  I could only be happier when it can do the same for others.


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